“Tigres with the Night” – Writer Robert W Howe – E-book Evaluation

The everyday living of an Amazonian tribal group is brilliantly delivered to knowledge via the writings of Robert W. Howe as he followed the correct tale of Juan & Amalia Arcos, lay-missionaries and naturalists living in the rainforests along the Amazon. Read more now on none

In the mid 1900’s Juan Arcos studied to become a priest under the direction of Father Peter Vosa, a man who had guided him for the past fifteen years of his existence. With much prayer and careful consideration, Juan eventually decided not to become a priest. This decision was difficult for him, but God lead him to become a teaching missionary instead. He felt strongly that God wanted him to work with the local tribal people called the Shuar, because he had already learned their language as a child and felt connected on a spiritual level.

Juan and Amalia’s goal was committed to lead a lifetime dedicated to God and His people, the Shuar. They are simple, humble people. Being once thought as violent, they are in fact generous givers, welcoming and kind. In Howe’s book he describes how the Shuar talk with the dead, balance the needs of their men and women, keep peace or wage war, practice the ancient art of shamanic journeying, and learn from the sacred teacher plants (ayahuasca, datura, chicha, and tobacco) and many more tribal customs. He provides a view into the lifestyle of a culture from another time, in a distant place, the lives within the Amazon jungle.

Tigres in the Evening really has some powerful messages that are most welcome at a time when we all need to feel a sense of strength, courage, healing, and love. While the book’s vivid imagery invites us to experience the lush, tropical splendor in the Amazon Rain Forest, the real value lies in the rich wisdom imparted from the Shuar people.

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